403-1356 Meadowlands Drive (2 Bdrm, 1 bath)

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When is the Right Time to Buy Property?

Does this question come to mind as you consider your personal and professional circumstances, your current income, and your current debt load? When is the right time to buy property? I’m going to make a controversial statement here. So get ready for it. There isn’t a bad time to get into property ownership. Of course, …
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Top Home Staging Tip for Home Sellers

I had the wonderful pleasure of chatting with Valerie Huard of Abode Staging. We had such a great time!! And she was able to share business advice as well as her top tip for home sellers looking to sell fast and for top dollar!   Don’t miss it!    

7 Easy Tips to Renovating Your Home with Kids!

Yes, you can renovate your home with kids (including ones under the age of 5)! These are tried, tested, and true tips! I’ve used all of these tips in our own renovation endeavors. And once one renovation project goes to completion with kids in tow, I believe it will give you added confidence to attempt further renovations. …
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