Who doesn’t love an app that can make things so much easier? I don’t know about you but I’m always on the lookout for an app to make things much more efficient and to save me time and even to make things fun!  So, home buying? There are apps for that!

Many apps will have maps or allow you to find homes in your target area.  Some apps will also let you view the homes as you lounge (with cold beverage in hand) on your favourite chair or sofa! Other apps will help you get in contact with real estate professionals in our area.

So, of course, I have my favourite 10 apps that I think can really be useful to you in your home Ottawa home search (or your home search in other areas, please check the region the app supports if you’re interested in using it in your area) search. The ten apps that I’ve found are the most popular ways to shop for real estate in Canada.  And as always, if you’re looking for someone to help you find a home in the Ottawa area, I’d love to help you out.

Now, check out these 10 awesome apps for home buyers!

1.  Realtor.ca App

This app is very similar to the popular Realtor.com app in the states, but this one is specialized for the Canadian market and is offered freely by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).  Actually, it’s the most popular real estate app in Canada and will let you search for homes, browse listings, save your favorites, and contact a real estate professional directly.  There’s also a useful calculator feature to help you calculate your monthly mortgage amount. I think the Property Brothers would approve!

2. Zoocasa

Why drive around a neighborhood in search of ‘for sale’ signs when you could just use Zoocasa and easily see what’s for sale near you?  This app has great search technology and filters that will help you block the homes you’re not interested in so you can get to the ones that you would fall in love with.  You can decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms, how much square footage, what size yard, the list price and more.  This app is perfect for real estate junkies (points finger at self)…or just someone who’s trying to find their next home.

zoocasa app

3. CIBC Home Advisor App

This app will allow you to easily compare different properties that you visit and will track the photos you look at the most to help you create a wish list. So cool!  It gives you access to neighborhood data so you can instantly know if your potential neighbourhood will be a safe and pleasant area to live in. It even lets you request a pre-approved mortgage certificate from CIBC to lock in an interest rate– pretty impressive right?!

4. Verico Mobile Mortgage Calculators App

This app claims to be the most sophisticated mortgage calculator out there.  It can be hard to know how to calculate a mortgage payment on your own, so having a mortgage calculator can be a big help.  This app will help you determine how much you can qualify for, what your monthly payments will be and how much money you need to make to afford that dream home of yours.

verico mobile mortgage calculator app

5. Crumbtracks App

If you’ve ever tried searching for houses online, your eyes probably glazed over at some point and you started forgetting which property cost what amount and was located where.  It can be so hard!  But this app wants to help you out with that.  Crumbtracks keeps track of all the properties you’ve looked at and helps you see things they have in common or major differences.  You can compare houses, stay organized, and evaluate all the homes you’ve looked at in order to pick your favorites.

6. The Essential Real Estate Dictionary App

Unless you’re a real estate professional, chances are there are a lot of real estate terms that you don’t understand.  Instead of nodding your head blankly when your real estate agent talks to you, get informed!  This dictionary app can explain any real estate term in simple language, which I love.

7. Colorsmart App

Have you ever wanted to paint your walls but have no idea how the finished color will look (Am I the only one that seriously can not visualize paint colours without splashing the paint on my walls or even better, using an app?).  This might not be a home buying app, but this paint app can help you decide the best colors for your home, whether you’re trying to sell it or after buying a new one.

8. Move Tools App

The only thing this moving app doesn’t do for you is actually help you move!  But it does help you virtually pack every room of your house and makes checklists to help you keep track of everything.  Moving is stressful enough– make everything easier by using the Move Tools app!

9. Canadian Mortgage App

This mortgage app is incredibly helpful– you can check current mortgage rates, get pre-approved, and find an expert to answer any questions you have.  It also includes any land transfer fees and first time home buyer rebates and calculates all of that to give you accurate mortgage information. 


10. Walkscore App

If you’re a fan of walking around town to get from place to place, then this is the app for you.  Walkscore will give you actual walk and commute times for different locations in the city of your choice, so you can know how long it will take you to get to work from your new home before you buy it.  It also rates the walkability of different cities– Vancouver, for example, is the most walkable city in Canada with a score of 78.  How does your area’s walk score look?

walkscore app

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